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Scott's Addition Location:

3920 W Broad St., Suite 101,  Richmond VA 23230

Rocketts Landing Location:

4501 E Main St., Suite B,  Richmond VA 23231


Indoor Golf RVA provides state of the art technology that golfers of all levels can benefit from. The Trackman 4 radar system is the most advanced launch monitor in the golf industry, and on any given day at PGA tour events the driving range will be lined with the orange Trackman "box" to give the most precise feedback possible to the pros.

See below for some of the feedback and data that Trackman gathers to give you the best practice or indoor golf round possible!

RVA Golf Lessons
TrackMan Club Path

Club Path

TrackMan Face Angle

Face Angle

TrackMan Attack Angle

Attack Angle

TrackMan Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft

TrackMan Club Speed

Club Speed

TrackMan Carry

Carry Distance

TrackMan Spin Rate

Spin Rate

TrackMan Launch Angle

Launch Angle

And Much More!

TrackMan Ball Speed

Ball Speed

Richmond's Best Golf Courses Indoor Golf RVA


Indoor Golf RVA was born to expand the golf options and offer a relaxing environment for your game. Founded in 2021, we wanted to make golf accessible and affordable to everyone year-round. The Trackman simulator offers over 250 courses in the course library and releases more to our members every month.


The best players in the world practice and improve with the use of Trackman and their knowledgeable golf coaches. We offer simple and affordable options to receive virtual coaching on your time and at your pace.

Grow your comprehension of the game and enjoy golf more as you improve with real results.


IG RVA hosts social and competitive leagues with different formats and prizes throughout the year.

Please contact the team if you have a private event inquiry. We can try to make accommodations for your event if contacted more than 3 weeks in advance.


 Who We Are 


IG RVA Co-Founder, Long Driver

Pat loves the friendships that golf creates, and is excited to bring a revolutionary golfing experience to the city of Richmond. He hopes to make the game more accessible to newcomers and those who want to improve.

His favorite course is the St. Andrews Old Course - the home of golf in Scotland and 2022 Open Championship host. Pat was fortunate to play there several years ago, and birdied three holes on the front nine before the wind started gusting on the back. He loves to play it on the Trackman so he can control the weather.

Pat's most critical Trackman stat is Carry Distance. Knowing your distances is a quick way to improve scores, and Trackman is able to tell you exactly how far you are hitting every club in your bag.


IG RVA Co-Founder, Trackman Golf Enthusiast

Doug has great pride in taking fewer strokes on the golf course than Pat, and hopes to coach all IG RVA members to shoot lower than Pat. Doug has been using Trackman technology since 2011 - first with Trackman 2 (then 3e, and now Trackman 4!). The technology has changed the way top-level players approach the game. Ask Doug for some Trackman tips to help your golf game.

Doug's favorite course on Trackman is Fieldstone Golf Club - a fantastic track in Delaware that he shot 69-71 on a 36-hole day in the summer heat at the actual course.

His top data point to track in a simulator practice session is Face Angle. In most cases, orientation of the clubface is the biggest factor in the golf ball's start direction.


The Uhazie brothers have always tried to find excuses to get out on the golf course. After playing golf together for more than two decades, it became more difficult to find quality tee times near Richmond due to the popularity of golf during the 2020 pandemic. Living in the city meant having to drive further out to access quality public courses, which would then be five-hour rounds in the summer heat, rain, or winter cold.

Simulator technology has advanced to improve the game of golf in many ways:


What courses are nearby? At IG RVA you can play over 250 courses from around the world.


It's raining on my day off work, now what? IG RVA is open 24/7, rain or shine!


TopGolf is expensive, any other options? Bring guests to Indoor Golf, your own food, and enjoy golf games on the simulator during the day or at night.

I don't have 5 hours to play a round of golf, how long does a simulator round take? A typical 18-hole round take approximately 1 hour per person in your group. 9-holes are approximately 30 minutes per person.

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